Madi Takes Madrid

A chronicle of my first time abroad

DÍA 42: 18/6/16, sabado

Surprisingly I got to the airport on time….however, I went to the wrong terminal. Continue reading “DÍA 42: 18/6/16, sabado”

DÍA 41: 17/6/16, viernes

Well, this is it…our last day in Spain. Continue reading “DÍA 41: 17/6/16, viernes”

DÍA 40: 16/6/16, jueves

Wow, I don’t think today could have gone any better; honestly, I think it was the best day I’ve had in Spain.

Continue reading “DÍA 40: 16/6/16, jueves”

DÍA 39: 15/6/16, míercoles

So I don’t think I’ve said anything about this yet, but tomorrow I have a pretty big day ahead of me:

Continue reading “DÍA 39: 15/6/16, míercoles”

DÍA 38: 14/6/16, martes

Today I wanted to take pictures of Madrid one last time before I left, but it was overcast, cold, and rainy, so that didn’t happen. Continue reading “DÍA 38: 14/6/16, martes”

DÍA 37: 13/6/16, lunes

Because of how big of a weekend I had, I took today easy. Continue reading “DÍA 37: 13/6/16, lunes”

DÍA 36: 12/6/16, domingo

Today was Gaudí explorations part 2: Parque Güell.  Continue reading “DÍA 36: 12/6/16, domingo”

DÍA 35: 11/6/16, sabado

Wow, what a day. Today’s focus was on one thing: La Sagrada Familia. Continue reading “DÍA 35: 11/6/16, sabado”

DÍA 34: 10/6/16, viernes

Today was Barcelona day 1, and I definitely experienced a lot of new things!

Continue reading “DÍA 34: 10/6/16, viernes”

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